High-Protein Diet: This Moong Dal Khichdi Can Be Your Go-To Comfort Food This Winter Season

High-Protein Diet: This Moong Dal Khichdi Can Be Your Go-To Comfort Food This Winter Season

Dals or lentils are an essential part of the Indian cuisine. Here is a super delicious, easy and quick moong dal recipe that can be your go-to dish for a comforting meal.

The umpteen benefits of dal in Indian cuisine are extremely popular around the world. There are a host of dals available with different names, colours and flavours but there's one common thing amongst them all; the nutrients. Dals are rich in multiple nutrients such as fibre and antioxidants. But more than anything, they are a powerhouse of protein. Proteins are known for being the building blocks of our body since they help build muscle and fuel the body with optimum energy. Vegetarians and vegans who constantly look for protein-rich options, dals make for a great meal for them.


  • Dals or lentls are brimming with health benefits
  • Moong dal is one of the most popular dals made across Indian homes
  • Here is a super easy and quick moong dal khichdi recipe you can try
Moong dal is one of the most common dals in Indian household kitchens. It is light, delicious and easily blends with other foods to create some of the most amazing dishes. Moong dal is a great source of plant-based protein along with antioxidants. And you'll be surprised to know that moong dal may also help facilitate weight loss. The protein in it helps boost digestion, since it takes a while to digest it would eventually make you feel full and satiated for long and keep unwanted cravings at bay. Eating in controlled portions may thus enable healthy weight loss. For all those looking for a comforting, light yet delicious way to add moong dal to their diet, we've got you covered.

Moong dal khichdi is a wholesome dish that is quick, easy and extremely comforting to relish on days when you don't want to indulge in anything heavy or greasy. In this moong dal khichdi recipe, moong dal and rice are soaked in water for a while till soft. The water is later drained and the mixture is cooked in ghee with a host of spices like turmeric, hing, cumin seeds, coriander and salt. It is then pressure-cooked till thick and dense. You can serve the piping hot moong dal khichdi with a spoonful of ghee on top along with some curd on the side.